Failure is an Option

Failure is an option…

I was thinking this morning about how often I fail….And then I stopped and I thought about that word… It is a solid and negative word… not much room for interpretation.


And sometimes, I fail…

Sometimes I succeed and sometimes I fail.

In ways large and small.

“I am going to eat better, exercise 4 days this week, make my kid read for 30 minutes,  leave the house 10 minutes earlier.”

Fail, fail, fail, fail….

And that is OK. It is OK to fail…

As long as you try again. And perhaps fail again. Which is brutal. What is far easier is to stop trying. If I never try, I NEVER FAIL. I never have to feel that yucky feeling that come with not meeting your goals.

However, I have also succeeded. I have done the thing and felt the awesomeness of succeeding.

So, what I actually need to decide is not whether I am OK with failing, but whether I would be content never again experiencing success.

And that, my friends is a no. I am willing to take that chance: That in setting goals, I may fail. And have to acknowledge that. And then try again. And that I may need to do it a bunch before I succeed.

What I need to stop doing is pretending that I set easy goals!

“Breath in and out…. Wear clothing…. Spend time on Facebook…Watch terrible TV”

Success, Success, Success…. And Major Success!

If we only set easy goals, of course we would succeed. It is because we choose to reach a bit that we fail…

Failure is an option.