Charity has presented keynotes, workshops, and multi-day trainings to audiences of up to 500 people. She is honored to work with organizations to create learning events that inspire, teach, and build community. Additional information and fees available upon request


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Transformed Organizations

Charity has worked with schools and organizations over time to support culture shift that allows staff to work from a trauma informed, compassionate, and vital place. She roots all of her work in the practice of self-compassion, believing that all too often we ask our staff to give to others what they do not provide themselves: caring, nurturing, and compassionate support.

From ACES, to Motivational Interviewing, to the impacts of trauma and on the brain, Charity build usable and applicable knowledge that participants apply to their lives and work immediately.


Coaching and Compassion Circles

Charity is now working with individuals and small groups to build self-compassion and increase capacity to cope with stress through intentional perception changes.

This is some of her most exciting and impactful work.

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This is your chance

If you are hoping for personal or organizational shift, it will not happen without motivation and structure.

Charity's inspiring personal story, deep commitment to compassion, and ability to make very concrete, evidence based frameworks come alive and energize change will support the work needed to bring you to the next level.


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