Why Relentless?

Relentless Positivity is a concept developed by Charity Bell to describe an approach to the interactions that decreases anxiety and stress and dramatically increases compassion for self and others.

Relentless positivity is not blindly supportive, it does not shy away from seeing the painful, the aggressive, or the dysfunction in the world.

What is does is ask that all these be viewed through the lens of compassion, with an attitude of hope, and with a commitment to minimizing the suffering of self and others.

Now, perhaps more than anytime, simply being human is exhausting, overwhelming, and for many of us, deeply painful.

We need to look to ourselves to intentionally shift how we allow the world to impact us, rethink how we view "self-care", and regain the brain health that will allow us to interact with self and others with our joy restored.

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Keynotes and Training

Charity Bell has been called a transformational speaker whose life story and joyful presentation style provide audiences with an experience of laughter and learning.

"I have laughed and cried in every training I have ever attended with Charity. She is the best speaker I have ever heard."

"I consider myself a "groupie"! At the last conference I attended, my friends and I attended all three of Charity's sessions and left wanting more."

"I left understanding my brain, and that of my child, in a completely different way. I am not exaggerating when I say that this training my have changed my life."

"I LOVE hearing Charity speak. She connects with every single person in the room, and you feel cared for and nurtured even as you get some of your mistakes called out!"



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Brain Health in Complicated Times

Coming together to understand the impact of the past years of social, economic, political and health chaos on our brains is the first step to moving forward.

Charity has developed an approach to framing individual experience  and intentional implementation of self-stabilization that will benefit you, your staff, and the humans with whom you all interact at work and home.

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Educators and Human Service Staff

At no time in history have people who interact with humans for work been more challenged.

By using a concrete framework of:

Self-Awareness and Compassion

Reframing Challenging Interactions

Intentional and Rational Assessment

Charity will bring some of our most stressed community members an opportunity to choose to move through their day differently.

Settings will develop common language and strategies for the day-to-day work of working with humans.

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You can learn more, speak to Charity directly about a training, event, or creating a circle, or ask questions by emailing:

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